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A service for busy people who want to have their photos backed up, cleaned up and ready to be viewed for years to come.  



Weekly reminders to backup the photos on your phone and cull unwanted files.

Monthly sorting and organization of photos in your chosen cloud backup.

Monthly delivery of 5 to 10 archival 4x6 prints to hang on the fridge or share with family.

Relive - Photo Management Subscription

$39.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
Price Options
Photo Management Subscription
$29.00every month until canceled
  • Please read this carefully and in its entirety.  Purchase of the subscription product "Relive" is your agreement to the following:

    • Special event price of $29/month is valid until December 31, 2024.  Cancel by the first day of the month.  Monthly photo sort begins on the 7th of the month. 
    • Client must agree to share a folder of photos that are backed up from their phone, using the instructions provided by Recollect. Dropbox, OneDrive, GooglePhotos, pCloud, iCloud are currently supported but other cloud service providers will be considered.
    • Employees of Recollect will not share or use your photos for any reason other than your project. 
    • Please edit your shared backup fold for any personal or sensitive content. 
    • Backup folder will be organized into the following folders: Months, Screenshots, Best Shots and Suggested Deletes. Photo prints will be selected by Recollect staff unless they are starred or favorited in client's shared cloud folder.


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