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Photo management looks different for each client. Your project may start with boxes of printed photos and may end it a digital slide show, a neatly sorted print collection, a comprehensive digital archive or a curated photo album. There are so many ways to preserve your precious photos and together we will find the best solution for you.

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Photos fade, it's a simple fact.  Favorite images get tattered and torn through the years.  Digital restoration can create a fresh copy of your favorite photo or favorite album of photos.  After restoration, you will receive a digital file that can be printed and shared.

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Are you overwhelmed by the number of photos on your phone?  Are you worried that these photos are destined to live only in your phone, seen only by you?  Digital organization will look different for different people, but the end goal is a curated collection of meaningful images that are easy to enjoy and share.

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Do you have home movies on VHS, hi8, 8mm MiniDV or DVD? If you plan to watch them again, it is time to convert them to a digital file.  Family movies nights don't have to be a thing of the past. 

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Album Design
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Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed.  There is nothing like the act of flipping through the pages of a photo album and reliving the moments from our trips, celebrations and milestones.  I will help you choose the best photos to tell your story, getting the photos out of your phone and in front of the people who will enjoy them.

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