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"We found my grandparents' wedding album."

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Have you experienced the curiosity that awakens when looking through a bunch of old family photos? The clothes, the cars, the vaguely familiar faces. I have a bit of a weakness for old photos. I get lost in them whether the faces are familiar or not.

I just finished scanning a wedding album for a family whose grandparents were married in 1957. The album itself is starting to crack and fall apart. But the photos inside are still in great condition. Each page is filled with a peek into that beautiful winter wedding 65 years ago.

Early black and white photographs will last a very, very long time. But they surely won't last forever. And they fade, just like color photos do. Add in the risk of damage from pests, moisture or disaster, it is hard to predict how long a printed photo will last.

This family is so lucky to have these photos and I am so happy that they hired to me to preserve them in a digital copy. They will have a high-resolution copy of each photo, the cover and the wedding invitation saved on a USB drive to be shared with the rest of the family. From there, we may make modern printed copies of the wedding album so that more family members can enjoy the photos or print a few to place in a special frame.

Let's get started on your photo projects soon!

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