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Sharing family stories with organized photos and videos.

This morning, I wanted to send my dad a little video for Father's Day. He's not one for gifts or attention, so I like to send him photos and videos these days.

We have about 2 hours of home movies from the first 2 year of my life. 8mm film that was converted to VHS in the 90's, then converted again to DVD after 2000. And now it has made its way to digital. We can play with and edit them on our phones then watch them anywhere. It's wonderful.

Who would have dreamed when these home movies were made that this would be the case? When I have an idea in mind for a story I'd like to share with my family, I can clip together a few minutes of footage on my phone and send it in a text.

No failing VCR or DVD players to plug in and hope that it works. Or, if your family videos start in the 1970's and earlier, no sheet to hang or projector to lug out of the closet.

This is your invitation. When you come across those boxes of old movies, please don't shove them back in the closet. Send them to me and we will rediscover some lost moments of your family history. Then share with those who would love to remember along with you.

If you want to see the little video I shared with my dad, it's on Facebook. It's too sweet not to share with everyone.

Follow for more photo stories, video projects and all of the good things happening at Recollect.

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