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I've entered the world of home movie conversion and I am not surprised at how much I am enjoying it! I was always the one who knew how to program the VCR and run the video camera back in the day.

One of the first videos I converted was of my family picking out our Christmas tree on my Uncle Bob's tree farm. It was 1988. My brothers were tossing a football over the rows of trees. My sister was giggling at her own silliness. Mom and grandma walking up and down the rows, trying to get us to focus on picking a tree. Me, taking my job as videographer a little too seriously.

Cut to decorating the tree in our living room on Hull Street. Christmas music in the background from mom's record player. The sound of dad making popcorn in the kitchen. The lively and constant narration as we bring out our favorite ornaments and seek their place on the tree.

Purely sentimental. Full of the sights and sounds of Christmas in 1988. A true holiday classic and better than anything the Hallmark Channel will offer me this holiday season.

I am now offering video conversion from the following media: VHS, DVD, Hi8, 8mm, MiniDV, USB, Flip. I can also convert older digital video files to current file types that are compatible with your favorite cloud service, tablet or phone. Check out pricing for all current services here.

Get in touch now for a one of a kind Christmas gift. Orders placed by November 18 will be ready before December 18.

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