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Faded Memories

Photos will fade. This is a fact.

One of the main causes of fading is UV exposure. Before digital, the process of making a photo print was based on light reactive chemicals and paper. Early photos used the best technology available at the time and most of the time the photos make it to the next generation and last for several after that. But not without losing some of the original detail, usually in the form of color accuracy.

I'm working on a set of photos from the 60's and 70's. Color photos from that era have usually lost a lot of their original color and taken on a color cast. The color cast is associated with old color prints and some people would not take that nostalgic look away. But if we want to restore an old image, the goal is always to regain the original look if possible. We want the grass to be green and the dresses to be yellow, just as they were on the bright spring day so many years ago.

Let's start your scanning project today! Contact me at for individualized service and pricing for your photo collection.

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