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And Summer is Here!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023


What does it look like for you? Is it your busy time of year filled with ballgames, visitors and travel? Or is it truly the lazy days, spent by a pool, enjoying time at home and sleeping in whenever you get the chance? No matter your approach to summer, I'm betting that there are more photos taken this time of year than others.

Many of my favorite photos are from summer trips. Every few years, my parents would take us on epic 2 week long road trips. We would bring our cameras and snap photos of the mountains, historic buildings and monuments, Disney and the beach. Plus the shenanigans at the hotel pool and the insanity of the car rides. Sometimes we would use THREE WHOLE ROLLS OF FILM. That's like 75 photos over the course of a couple thousand miles and 10+ days.

The trips I take with my little family are a little shorter. But the number of photos we take is much, much higher. We took a 4 day road trip with kids in 2016, our first "big" car trip. I count 145 photos from that long weekend.

Shedd Aquarium = 47 photos in a little under 3 hours

A quick stop to see Sue the dinosaur and another 21 photos

If you grew up using film, you may see these numbers and pause for a second and wonder "What in the world do we do with all of these photos?" The answer is the same for digital as it was for film. We put them in albums.

Digital albums that sort and divide our photos by event and category are a quick and easy way to look through just the photos we want to see.

Printed photo books are my favorite for vacation photos for several reasons.

1 - You can pull them off the shelf, sit down with the kids and flip through the pages and reconnect with the event without the distraction of a phone.

2 - Captions and titles can be added to the photos, labeling the places you visit so the details are not forgotten.

3 - My favorite reason to make photo books is that you are forced to make choices. Only the best images make it to my photo books. It's a fulfilling way to force organization and eliminate the duplicates and extras that aren't needed. You end up with everything you need to tell the story of the trip and nothing you don't.

Lakeshore photos were condensed onto 1 page

As I said in my last blog post about school photos there is something very special about looking at printed photos vs digital images. Keeping them backed up in a digital format is always the way to go. But pulling out the best photos and saving them in a book makes them accessible and important in a way that digital cannot.

I love to make photo books and will be running a summer special on photo books starting in August.

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